X-PAIN-T® is a nonverbal art-based outlet for emotion- release and regulation with rehabilitative properties as opposed to occupational in order to deal constructively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

X-PAIN-T® Bilateral Expressive Painting provides an innovative self-awareness process using both the non-dominant and dominant hand in an effort to stimulate memories and experiences that reside in both the left and right hemisphere of the brain.

X-PAIN-T® has primarily been developed as a perpetrator intervention program in prison. It has been tested internationally and proven a successful approach to rehabilitating violent-, offending-, and anti-social behaviour as well as mental health issues among prisoners (men, women and youth) within the Florida Department of Corrections, the U.S.A, the Department of Correctional Services Republic of South Africa, and the BJMP Angeles District Jail, the Philippines as well as among violence-prone adults and ex prisoners in rural communities in Australia.


Internet hate speech and road rage are examples of misdirected and externalized anger turned into rage. The origin of the anger/rage/aggression/violence is stemming from earlier events when it has not been possible to express emotions, either out of fear or a culture of not expressing emotions. Much of the suppressed and unexpressed anger is stemming from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE Study).

The child growing up in the modern world, regardless of socioeconomic status, may be the victim of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, all unconsciously enraging. The abused child may feel sad,  unhappy, or scared, but anger is forbidden – that prohibition is built in.

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Tina Borg - X-PAIN-T® Creator & Coach

X-PAIN-T® has been developed by Tina during 20 years. As a Finn with a past in Switzerland and the PR and business world - including Formula 1 and film festivals - she made a radical change and studied Fine Arts in New Zealand before entering prisons around the world with X-PAIN-T®. It is based on wellbeing, emotions and the brain and how to integrate the left and right hemispheres by bilateral painting, i.e. both hands. With a strong belief in the effectiveness of the X-PAIN-T® self-awareness process she decided to first go to South Africa in 2003 with the goal to test the method in a challenging environment, i.e. prison. Her hypothesis was that X-PAIN-T® provides tools to rehabilitate violent individuals and there is a link between abuse (incl. corporal punishment as discipline) and neglect in childhood and aggressive/violent behaviour later. Why prison? We all benefit from every rehabilitated violent offender through the ripple effect in society: less victims and violence, less children who have to fear their abusive parents. Tina  promotes a No2theBelt-Yes2Boundaries policy among prisoners – as a way of child protection in prison, to stop inmates abuse their children and create more violent individuals. Now it has come full-circle and Tina is back in Finland.



I am impressed with what you have been doing and appreciate your commitment and dedication to helping and supporting some of the most marginalized members of our society. I therefore accept your invitation to be a Patron of the Expressive Art Program (X-PAIN-T).

I hope that my association with your work will enable you to encourage others to support your valuable service and that you will be able to apply your considerable gifts to helping the many members of our society whom have been neglected and let down.

– Desmond M. Tutu (2004), Archbishop Emeritus Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


”The degree of violence, rage and aggressive behavior (the fight/flight response) appears to correlate with abuse and deprivation as children. Studies of male criminal convicted of violent aggressive crimes show that a majority of these criminals have suffered severe physical and/or sexual abuse as children.”

– Dr. Robert Scaer – author of 'The Body Bears the Burden'